Preacher: Apostle Samuel Yaw Antwi

Topic; be a vessel of honor to impact your generation


1stTimothy chapter 2. 1stTimothy, 1:5- 7.  1stTimothy 1:13, 14


As humans we seek excellence in everything we do, this is the nature of man. In Christianity we are encouraged to do the same. The bible lets us know that God is looking for someone to use. We should be people of excellence who God can use in his ministry (1st Timothy 2:20, 21).

Becoming a vessel for God

It is the church’s aim to leave a positive legacy for the next generation and to build a church that will exist until our savior Jesus Christ comes. As members our contribution towards this aim is to allow God to use us for his work. An example of a young man who God used was Timothy. Timothy was a person brought up by Godly parents; his mother and grandmothers were believers and brought him up as such.

The passage in 2ndtimothy is an exhortation by Paul to Timothy after Timothy was made the head of the church in Ephesus. Paul cautioned Timothy to;

  1. Remember what God had deposited in him, a genuine faith, one based on the word. His faith was obtained from mother and grandmother (1stTimothy, 1:5). In addition was what obtained from the transference from Paul; a man of Gods (1stTimothy, 1:5, 7). Timothy was admonished to fan this faith into a fire for the service of the church.
  2. Timothy was told to be loyal (1stTimothy 1:13, 14), during the ministry of Paul there were other who had deserted him (1:15). As leaders we are to know who our church leaders are, what the church believes and be loyal to it. We should not be swayed by false doctrines or the sinful world. We should also not be swayed by the circumstances in which we find ourselves but be steadfast and secure in the word of God.
  3. Christians, especially leaders are not to just guard their faith but also pass it on. There is a responsibility for us to pass on this faith (2ndTimothy 2; 2). As a leader you should let God’s word transform your life and then pass on this life changing power. One avenue through which you could share the word of God is through the use of social media. Leaders are to identify and commit to faithful people who are willing to teach others. The acronym FAT is a reminder of the qualifications for selecting leaders. Leaders should be Faithful, Available and Trustworthy. Someone who does not have these qualities should not accept the calling to serve in the church.

We must take steps to prepare ourselves so God can use us. In the passage Paul told Timothy to;

  • Share in the suffering of Christ and forsake some of the comfort. We should know that service is not easy and requires financial and non-financial sacrifices (2 Timothy 2:3).
  • Follow the rules. Christians particularly leaders who want to be vessels of honor should know and obey the word of God (2 Timothy 2:5)
  • Strive for excellence and seek approval from God, and find pride in the service of God (1stTimothy 2:15)
  • Shun unnecessary things like profane and idle talk which can make him stray away from the truth (1st Timothy2:16-18)
  • Desires to be a vessel of honor, he must cleanse himself from things that can defile and cause his dishonor, (1stTimothy 2:21). These includes, but not limited to things like; youthful lusts and avoiding unnecessary arguments which cause strife
  • Rather he must pursue positive things such as righteousness, faith, love and peace (2:22). He ought to be gentle to all, be able to teach, be patient, humble, and must have the ability to correct his opponents so that they know the truth (1stTimothy 2:24,25)



Like the vessels in the great house, if we are willing to cleanse ourselves and give God the opportunity to use us, then in spite of what material we are made of, we can become a vessel of honor for God’s service. Like Timothy who may have been timid and fearful, God can use us, if we remove ourselves from unnecessary things, and rather apply ourselves to virtues that will make our progress to be seen by all. We can then be God’s agents in influencing and imparting generations. Leaders in particular should always ask themselves if they are being a role model for young people.




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