Preacher: Apostle Samuel Yaw Antwi.

We live in a corrupt time but unfortunately things will not get better; in this generation, things will only continue to get worse, however we are to be the light of this world. Our God does not fail and He remains the same God spoken about in the bible, if we are to hear the voice of God then we are to study His word. Psalm 119: 9 tells us that we are to conform to the word of God, in Joshua 1: 6-9 we are told to be bold in this age of moral corruption. God has given humanity over to sinful desires, it is similar to a parent who has given up on his or her child and that is why the world will not get any better (Romans 1:21-23). Despite the fact that we live in this perverse world, we are different because the spirit of God dwells in us. Romans 2: 2 tells us why God has given up on mankind; God’s kindness abounds and therefore we should not show contempt to his kindness, we should therefore aspire to live according to the standards of God as laid out in the bible. God never says anything to contradict His standard, what His standard was 1000 years ago is still His standard. God will not change to meet out standard, as believers it is our responsibility to conform to meet His standard, for example homosexuality was a sin when gay marriage was illegal and still remains a sin today, even though the laws of man may have changed.

So how do we keep our lives pure?

  1. Make a decision to remain loyal to His word, circumstances might change, obeying the word of God may come at a cost but remain loyal for He who has called us is faithful.
  2. Talk to the Lord in prayer, develop a relationship with God, and speak to Him, by doing so you will know the plans he has for your life and you will also know what He expects from you.
  3. Commit God’s word to memory as instructed in Psalm 119:11 and Joshua 1:8. When God lives in our heart, He directs our path through His word and the instructions of the Holy Spirit.


We can observe that there are a lot of false prophets who are deceiving people and abusing the people of God, however this is only possible because believers are not studying and listening to the bible. Take a stand and decide to live a life in obedience (Psalm 119:14). Finds time to read the word, consult the word of God when making decisions and apply it’s instructions to every area of your life and you will be prosperous. Make God’s word your authoritative guide to live your life and seek God’s presence in all aspects of your life.

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