Honour and majesty are [found] in His presence; strength and joy are [found] in His sanctuary. 1 Chronicles 16=27 (AMP)


Nowadays the outward appearance has gained more of importance, allowing material things to overshadow what truly matters. This state of mind does not only have its effects outside anymore, but also in the house of God, making the normal weekly praise and worship session in church insufficient. This emphasized on the necessity of a separate day, a day set aside once a year to purposely praise and worship God with people from near and far, from different backgrounds, with people that are truly hungry for the authentic presence of God.


This vision encouraged our first worship and praise event; “In His Presence” in 2011. This event was hosted by the then youth choir of the church and supported by Minister Kelly, Minister Jenny C Favoured and our own brother Kwadwo Darkwa. IHP 2011 brought in an unexpected

number of people, making it so much of a success that it had to become an

annual event to bring more and more people together.

Although we gathered numerous people with different national and cultural backgrounds, we desired for more diversity. This was experienced in the second edition of In His Presence in 2012 when it was organized under the auspices of the national youth ministry. This time around we featured singers from the youth ministries of Geneva, Bern, Biel, Lausanne as well as the Neuchatel assembly.

In addition to these, we invited the choirs from Charismatic Evangelistic ministry and Calvary Family Chapel to join. However for the purpose of worshipping

and praising the Most High in true diversity as weʼve always desired, we also invited brother John Angoh from Holland and brother Nana Agyemang from Austria as well as the master of ceremony brother Nii Schneider from Germany.


True diversity gives people the chance to experience the presence of God outside of what they are normally accustomed to. Furthermore, this change of setting also allows more people to be touched by the Holy Spirit. Apart from the fact that In His Presence helped and continues to help raise awareness of our church and its activities, increasingly more people have gotten the privilege to get to know God and His amazing works and have consequently given their lives to Christ. Henceforth pushing us closer to our goal of making the whole nation aware of the presence of God in His peopleʼs lives in addition to emphasizing on the need of praise and worship.

Ultimately “In His Presence” has been proven successful and now also comes with themes each year. So far weʼve had themes, such as “worshipping the Father in Spirit and in Truth” and in 2014:

“The Next Level”. These helped us point the congregation into the right direction, making prayers easier for newcomers. For instance in 2014, “The Next Level” encouraged us to draw

nearer to God by leaving our comfort zone in our Christianity in order to let the unforeseen goodness happen. These changes have all contributed to the success rate of this kind of event.


In the future, we plan to record a live album with the collaboration choir and raise funds to support the international mission work of the Church of Pentecost.

Additionally we seek to bring out the best in singers and

musicians alike in terms of worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth. These

visions should all be achievable through a worship seminar for praise and worship leaders in Zurich as part of this yearʼs upcoming event.


God being so good we only had a few challenges, which included logistics and time, however God has been faithful with each event copping another level of success.


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