As previously mentioned, prior to the pandemic we used to have many events and get-togethers. Feel free and scroll through this page to get an idea of our types of activities.

And of course, you are warmly invited to our next one..

Beginning of April we opened a new branch in Bern, Switzerland. The inauguration of the branch in Bern was held in person and also streamed online.

Friday Night Show

In 2020 with the pandemic we started presenting the Friday Night Show on monthly basis, first Friday of every month where we openly and transparently discuss issues that we face on a daily basis and how we as Christians can tackle these. Please visit our YouTube page to watch some of the snippets and shows recorded.

In the year 2020

In mid-November we got to welcome our new National Head and family to our church in Switzerland. Read more about Pastor Frank Amishadai and family here.

In November of 2020 our dear Apostle Gordon and his wife, Lady Pastor Stella were transferred to Denmark to continue the work of God in another Church. We wish them all the best in their new path and pray that God continues to bless and guide them as they carry out their mission.

In the year 2019

In the year 2018

We used to have Hangout on a monthly basis, which was casual way of discussing the Bible in the modern context. Due to the pandemic we had to cancel these sessions, but we are hoping to bring it back soon!

In the year 2017


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